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i-mop – a revolutionary cleaning device

We have started exploiting of an i-mop, a revolutionary “smart” mop for cleaning indoor floors, by our client Pumpa Průhonice. It is a really powerful device that can clean up up to 1,000 m2 per hour (compared to 200-230 m2, which can be cleaned up by regular workers in one hour). Despite its high performance, the i-mop is still very manageable and therefore not physically demanding to work with.

The flexibility of this handy device is also a great added value. It has a variety of optional add-ons and, above all, a unique i-link® cloud-based environment, which provides a wide range of useful information to the operator. For example, location, operating time, battery voltage, usage history, as well as service and maintenance schedule. In addition, the mapping of indoor spaces will be added in the first half of this year.

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